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CCTV Economic News Network:OptimumNano battery innovation escort the promotion of new energy vehicles


Harsh winter "lying nest", charging hard, life-long difficulty has been the bottleneck in the promotion of pure electric vehicles industry. Recently, the cold weather in most parts of our country, the renewed mileage issue of new energy vehicles once again sparked hot debate, CCTV Financial Channel launched a special report,OptimumNano batteries to promote the use of innovative escort new energy vehicles again focused on the image of the industry both inside and outside attention.

CCTV Financial Channel reported that the car owners in the choice of new energy vehicles are most concerned about the two core issues are mileage and charging convenience. As we all know, in the case of low temperature, new energy vehicles mileage will shrink, charging longer than usual. At present, many battery manufacturers and car companies are looking for different solutions.

Wattle battery Li Yao, chairman of the board, said: "Wal-Mart's research and development and OEM cooperation, from the chassis design, the battery on the chassis, so that the battery weight, the vehicle lightweight, while ensuring that new energy Car mileage not less than 350 km to 500 km. "And said that with the development of the industry, battery manufacturers will be chassis manufacturers.

In 2014,OptimumNano was the first to launch a low-temperature battery research project. Through the development of high-quality low-temperature battery material system and ratio, making Wal-Mart low-temperature battery obtained good low-temperature charge-discharge performance. At the same time, OptimumNano also improved the formulation of low-temperature electrolyte, developed a high-temperature performance of both functional electrolyte, to a greater extent to solve the problem of low-temperature battery storage capacity at high temperatures difficult problem. In 2015, the new energy vehicles equipped with Low temperature batteries passed the test in the arctic region of Xinjiang and passed the professional full inspection of the 18 e-mains of the authority in China and was rated as the industry-leading level.

Logistics vehicles equipped with low temperature battery Watermachine running in the snow

Watma low-temperature battery can be -30 ℃ ~ 65 ℃ temperature range to work properly, to meet the conditions of all-weather use. Recently, 370 pure electric buses equipped with low-temperature batteries from Watmar were "laid-off" in Hohhot to open a new era of green travel in Inner Mongolia and received favorable comments from local residents. In addition to Hohhot, also in Jinzhou, Liaoning, in the same high latitudes, 120 pure electric vehicles equipped with Low temperature batteries spent their first severe winter. Since the beginning of winter, each car has an average daily driving mileage of more than 200Km and provides air conditioning and heating services, bringing the public a warm and convenient winter travel experience.

Pure electric bus carrying Watermel low temperature battery from Tianjiaying bus station in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia

Up to now, more than 80,000 Pure EVs powered by OptimumNano power battery systems have been operating in 34 provinces and cities in the country. Meanwhile, they have stood the test of three winters in the cold regions of Tieli in Heilongjiang, Hohhot and Beijiang in Inner Mongolia, Provide the northern citizens with a green and convenient winter travel experience, and become an example of popularization and application of new energy vehicles in China.

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