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Shucheng OptimumNano Won Lu\'an City Top Ten Advanced Enterprise Of The Year


Shucheng OptimumNano won Lu'an City, "Top Ten Advanced Enterprise of the Year"

Based on the new era, seek new development. February 27 morning, Lu'an City, 2017 key work evaluation results briefing held in the City Administrative Center Town Hall. In addition to summarizing the economic development in 2017 and mobilizing the whole city to further consolidate confidence in the city, the conference also commended advanced units, advanced enterprises and prominent representatives of outstanding entrepreneurs.

Lu'an 2017 key work evaluation results briefing held ceremoniously

With the strong support from leaders at all levels in Lu'an city, Shute City Watertec adheres to its business philosophy of "joint improvement, breakthrough and perfection" and actively introduces fully automated production lines. At present, it has realized the automation, informatization and visualization of power battery manufacturing And intelligent, and by virtue of the outstanding achievements made by the wisdom of this conference, Lu'an City, "2017 Top Ten Advanced Enterprise" honor.

Shucheng OptimumNano is a wholly-owned subsidiary of OptimumNano. In response to "Made in China 2025", Shucheng OptimumNano is the first to import automation equipment and has become one of the earliest factories in China to achieve smart battery manufacturing. Wisdom manufacturing greatly enhances Shucheng OptimumNano's production efficiency, reduces the artificial production of product defects, the process of passing rate, product consistency and stability have been significantly improved for Shucheng industrial upgrading and green development, and Lu'an City, made significant contributions to economic development and social progress.

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Shucheng OptimumNano won the "2017 Top Ten Advanced Enterprise"

OptimumNano, an innovative company, has been dedicated to promoting the green development of Anhui. Relying on the development platform of WOTMA Innovation Alliance, WOTEM works together with all members of the alliance to create a pure electric vehicle into the town, moving into the streets of Shucheng, forming a unique "Shucheng mode ", For the people of Shucheng to provide convenient, comfortable, clean and affordable travel services to speed up the motorization of Shucheng traffic.

In the meantime, President Li Jinlin won the "Outstanding Contribution Entrepreneur of 2017" in Lu'an City with his outstanding contribution in the field of new energy vehicles in Anhui Province.

2018 New Year dividing line

Honor is also a responsibility. Looking to the future, Shucheng OptimumNano will continue to give full play to its advantages in resource integration, strengthen technical research and development, grasp the market demand, upgrade the wisdom manufacturing, and provide a green source and wisdom force for writing a new chapter in the construction of a new era of happy Lu'an!